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Discover the tlc Moving Solutions Inc. Philosophy

We believe that moving starts with listening. Every client and every move is different, which is why we first listen to your needs before planning our solutions. We want our clients to feel at home the moment they step in the front door of their new home and know that they can count on us to provide their moving solution with TLC.

We take the stress out of your move and replace it with TLC.

Who Are We?

tlc Moving Solutions is owned and operated by Joan Ulrich, a Certified Transition Specialist with a Certificate in Senior Move Management.

While working as an Assisted Living Resident, Joan Ulrich discovered her niche and a talent for making seniors feel at home as they transition into a senior living environment. She also discovered many seniors were too overwhelmed to make the move on their own. After hearing many times, “Joan, how can I move? I have 40-years-worth of stuff!” She knew she wanted to help.

Joan found her passion and has since completed many successful transitions over the years. Sentiments Joan has often heard: “I should have moved years ago.” “You made it so easy.” and a favourite, “Thank you! For making this move possible.” For Joan and her team, moving seniors with TLC is very rewarding.

Joan is also Realtor and has earned the professional designation of a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) and Accredited Senior Agent (ASA). Whether you need a Realtor or just need someone who understands what your Realtor needs to be successful in selling your home, Joan can help.

Lucky for Joan, her husband, Gary, decided to take early retirement after a rewarding career at IBM. His experience in logistics and project planning, in combination with his handyman skills, proved to be valuable assets to tlc Moving Solutions. His compassion for seniors goes beyond his work with tlc Moving Solutions; for the past 4 years, Gary has instructed a woodworking/craft class at a local assisted living/long-term care residence twice a week, and the residents love him!


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The CRTS Credential

CRTS® is more than education or training—it is the most recognized symbol of professionalism and standards in move management, senior relocation, and senior transition services.

Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist (CRTS)® is the only Certification credential designed to test competency in the senior relocation industry. CRTS® is not a membership or course certificate. It is a professional designation that is awarded based on individual understanding of industry standards.

CRTS® graduates comprise the body of professionals known as the CRTS® Professional Registry. This group represents standards of excellence in senior relocation, home transition, downsizing, and move management services. Certified individuals include organizers, movers, move managers, home stagers, Realtors, estate planners, home care providers, elder law attorneys, nurses, social workers, housing administrators, and more.

All Certified Transition Specialists® are dedicated professionals who provide a spectrum of moving and age-in-place services for senior clients, their families, and caregivers. While there is diversity in services, all CRTS® professionals:

  • Provide a home assessment to determine client needs
  • Establish transition plans or timetables
  • Coordinate resources
  • Perform or supervise the planning, sorting, packing, moving, downsizing, organizing, and resettlement services

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Certificate in Senior Move Management (cSMM)

The Certificate in Senior Move Management (cSMM) was created to recognize individuals who are helping to advance the Senior Move Management industry through training and development. The cSMM bundle-Canada was specifically designed for Senior Move Managers and Professional Organizers in Canada.

The 9 courses required for the Certificate in Senior Move Management (cSMM) are:

  • The Art and Science of Senior Move Management
  • 24/7: Caregiving and Chronic Illness
  • Aging in Place
  • Senior Living Industry-Canada
  • Memory and Forgettery Part 1: What’s Normal and What’s Not
  • Memory and Forgettery Part 2: Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Working With People With Hearing Loss and Aphasia
  • Guiding to Deciding
  • Behind Closed Doors: Getting a Handle on Hoarding

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Resources for Buyers and Sellers Over 50

REALTORS® who carry the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation are specially qualified to address the real estate needs of those age 50+.
SRES® designees recognize that a home often is the largest and most precious asset that baby boomers and people 50+ have.
Thus, SRES® designees bring a unique approach to each transaction and interaction with clients. They not only offer a deep knowledge of real estate and the local and economic issues shaping market trends, but they’re also educated on issues of particular concern to aged 50+ clients.

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Accredited Senior Agent

The Accredited Senior Agent™ (ASA) designation is a sign that your Realtor has the training, skills, and dedication that is required when working with mature and senior clients. The needs of this clientele are different from other types of real estate, whether relating to the need for information on available housing options or government loan and grant programs to help you to stay in your home.

An Accredited Senior Agent™ has training in Canadian tax laws, estates and estate planning, wills, trusts, capital gains, and options on ways to release the equity in your home for future living expenses. Along with this training, one of the valuable assets an ASA brings to you is a network of exceptional specialists—professionals who specialize in all the aforementioned matters, so you can get the help you need.

An Accredited Senior Agent™ knows local retirement living options, so you can rest assured that you’ll find out about all your options. If your family members are involved in your move, an Accredited Senior Agent™ can take a lot of the burden off their shoulders. For you and them, you’re in unfamiliar territory, and it’s stressful plus very time consuming to figure out everything you need to know and do. With an ASA on your side, you can relax; it’s what they’re trained to do, and it’s what they love to do.

Perhaps the best thing about hiring an Accredited Senior Agent™ is their one overriding goal the whole time you are together—helping you make the right choice for you.

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